Welcome to the Wonderful World of The Wheel Arts

The Wheel Arts is a Community Network and Artist's Resource Centre. This Gift Shop is a place where our artists, astrologers and librarians-in-residence can market their products and services.

Featured Artists include:

Lydia Knox: Astrologer, Artist & Witch
Check out our Product Catalogue to view her gallery collection and available products.
Join her groups: Art & Astrology for Witches(Free) & Bohemian Intutives ($39/mo Tarot Reading Subscription)


Sara Witalis: Artist-in-Residence
Phenomenology, Ritual Song Practice & Preservation, Wildcraft Artist
Join her free group: Songs for Ritual

Catherine Starr: Tarot Reader and Community Leader
Join her group: Bohemian Intuitives


In-House Events
Artists' Resource Centre: Newcomers Orientation Mondays 1 PM
Life Drawing Guided Session *18+

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