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Organic Lemon Matcha Latte Tea Save 40%- 50% 250g

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Our Organic Lemon Matcha Latte Tea has a subtle hint of lemon that brings a tart but sweet flavor to this wonderful organic Matcha blend. Make it as a latte or add this to your smoothies, your baking, or any other kind of food or drink to give you some extra energy and antioxidants to kick start your day!  


Organic coconut sugar. Organic Japanese Matcha  Flavor granules. 


Apx 1 teaspoon (4g) per serving. Put an inch or so of hot water in the bottom of your mug, add the Matcha and mix with a spoon until dissolved.  Add your favorite hot milk or dairy alternative and that's it!  No whisk, no worries. The same recipe for an iced Matcha but use cold milk/non-dairy and add ice cubes.