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vidaXL2/4x Chain Fence with Solar Lights Two LED Lamps Two Poles Outdoor Patio

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This chain fence with solar lamps is a perfect addition to any gardens, patios and yard. Each lamp is made of durable plastic for years of use. The lamps would turn on automatically when it gets dark. The duration of lighting depends on weather conditions. Usually it can last 8 hours with 3-hour solar radiation.

Since the battery is charged by solar energy, the light would bring no pollutions to the environment. And with no need of using wires to connect light to socket for charging, it is safer for use and more convenient to move. Besides, you do not need to pay electric charges for this ball light since it is solar powered. It is truly a one-time investment that brings permanent returns.



  • Black PP/material, durable plastic, shock-proof, UV-resistant
  • 1 Cold white 0,1 W LED/pc
  • The 2 posts that have the solar lights on are 27.6" tall.
  • The 2 that have the balls on are 21.7" tall.
  • Power Source: Solar
  • Battery required: 1 pc pre-installed rechargeable AA of 1,2V / NI-MH 600mAh for each lamp
  • The set includes:
    • 2 x Solar lamp with post and ground spike / 4 x Solar lamp with post and ground spike
    • 2 x Pole with ground spike / 4 x Pole with ground spike
    • 118.1" x 39.4" Plastic chain / 236.2" x 39.4" Plastic chain
    • 2 x AA of 1,2V / NI-MH 600mAh / 4 x AA of 1,2V / NI-MH 600mAh